Cafe Pedro Gordo  

 Organic Coffee Shade Grown from Puerto Rico

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Charlie displaying green coffee beans on the stem.

Pedro Gordo is a small organic family farm. The farm is located in the mountains surrounding the town of Utuado in central Puerto Rico. This region is known for producing fine coffee.  Our coffee is shade grown and we do all the processing ourselves, from picking to roasting.  We only pick beans at their peak of ripeness and we sun dry our coffee.  We roast our coffee right before we ship it for maximum freshness. We can also make your favorite roast (light, medium, dark, French) if you specify. All our coffee is whole bean. We also have green coffee beans for those who like to roast their own.

Peter Banyai and Susan Harlow
HC 2, Box 6717
Florida, PR 00650

Telephone: 787-894-1667

Peter and Susan on top of the coffee farm in Puerto Rico.

Looking down from the top of the farm

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Telephone: 1-787-894-1667  E-Mail:

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